QuickBooks Online is one of the most used cloud-based accounting software by small business owners. To utilize the software at peak performance, initial setup MUST be done properly.

Proper set up saves you:

  • Time: Integrated apps eliminate SOME data entry; You dont have to create accounts on the fly
  • Money: You don't have to pay your CPA to do it; There won't be an expensive clean up job; Allows you to see where you are spending TOO MUCH money
  • Stress: Ease of use; know your real time financial position

To insure proper setup, all financial information is required including:

  • Bank and credit card statements
  • Previous years' tax returns
  • And all other supporting documentation (ex. vendor receipts, deposit slips, etc.)

The next step is to answer these questions:

  • 1. Which accounting method will you use?
  • 2. What chart of accounts do you need for your business?
  • 3. How do you handle beginning balances?

QuickBooks Solutions Include:

  • QuickBooks conversion
  • QuickBooks Setup
  • QuickBooks Review
  • QuickBooks Consulting and Training
  • QuickBooks Cleaning Services


A major benefit of QuickBooks Online is its portability spanning across multiple platforms on multiple devices.

Whether your business is a startup or already established, we have the financial tools available for you to develop and maintain exceptional financial records and maximize your company's profits.