Payroll & tax


As a small business owner, you could spend up to eight hours a month on payroll which adds up to 12 days per year. By outsourcing your payroll to West-Pointe Books, you’ll regain that time to devote to the operations of your business such as generating sales, prospecting new business opportunities, or serving your clients. We employee cloud-based payroll software so that your payroll is processed in real time, giving you access to your employees information 24-7. We will:

  • Setup new employees and contractors
  • Process your employees hours and earnings accurately and securely
  • Print payroll from your office printer or process direct deposit
  • Provide you a payroll register and reports at the end of each pay period
  • Process monthly, quarterly, and year-end payroll reports, including 1099ss and W2s
  • Sync your payroll with your chosen financial software

Whether your business is a startup or already established, we have the financial tools available for you to develop and maintain exceptional financial records and maximize your company's profits.