Bookkeeping for the construction industry is unlike that of other service industries.

There are unique accounting requirements related to the construction industry and these are the foundation to your success as a contractor.

We understand that committed cost should be properly tracked in order to estimate the profitability of each project. Our services will help you:

  • Track specific costs to individual jobs
  • Forecast for future projects

As your bookkeeper and consultant, we know that your biggest concerns are:

  • Job costing and how it affects the bottom line
  • Job phase management
  • Bidding accuracy of jobs
  • Actual costs versus budgeted costs

We will review your financials to ensure all costs are properly allocated to the appropriate jobs. The review will include:

  • Collecting and formatting your financial information into a report you could use to keep you on budget
  • Analyze costs to determine if excess costs can be billed to the customer
  • Determine if the accumulated costs of materials, labor and overhead have been allocated to the right job
  • Make identifying costs incorrectly assigned to another job, or incorrectly allocated more visible and easily corrected

Whether your business is a startup or already established, we are dedicated to providing you with personalized, accurate and reliable construction bookkeeping services designed to HELP you reach their maximum profit potential.

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Whether your business is a startup or already established, we have the financial tools available for you to develop and maintain exceptional financial records and maximize your company's profits.